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My newest recording is called Shine. It is available on CD Baby as an actual CD but you can also find all the songs in your favorite places like iTunes, Napster, SpotifyAmazon Music and GooglePlay.  Please have a listen and get a copy for everyone you know and keep a couple extra on hand for the people you are yet to meet.

In the photo above I am napping on the grass in the warm sunshine dreaming of my next masterpiece. At the time it was taken I was worn out from all of my singing and songwriting and such.

Watching over me is my alligator companion and bodyguard Ruckus. He keeps the screaming throngs of fans from tearing me to pieces; don't let his size fool you. And in the background there is a my agent, Fancy Pants the Flamingo.

I may seem eccentric but in reality I am just regular guy trying to make an honest living by playing a little music. I appreciate your support and look forward to having a drink with you after the show sometime, somewhere. Enjoy and God Bless.