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I recently went to work writing and recording some new tunes which I have uploaded to this page for all the world to hear. Feel free to download, listen and repeat. If you really like them, tell friends or send money.

For recordings of older music that used to be on the front page, click this link
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Some people think I have been foolish in squandering my life by pursuing a music career when I could have been a perfectly good writer with some security. Seems to me it would be trading one life of depression and alcoholism for another but they may still have a point.

Although I would still be spending a great deal of my time in bars, at least I wouldn't have to listen to so many god awful bands.



Please feel free to say hello with email: jtruelove at I removed the @ symbol to prevent spam. You know what to do.

Psssst...If you were looking for the bass player, go here: 4 Strings

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Truelove and his 4 barrels of low end will ride with the country band Dixie Automatic. The best country music this side of the Hudson. Bass Cowboy

Here is a recording of my solo acoustic show at Bar East in NYC, the entire set on the site. You will need Flash to hear the set.

If you missed the show, click on this link to listen Truelove Live