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Truelove In the Studio
Truelove in the Studio
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Please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is John Truelove and I am a professional bassist. If you have a band, musical act, recording project or anything else that requires a good bass line, I am certain that I can help you out. Please email today, I would love to hear about what you've got going on: Email Me.

Please read on to learn more about me and what I have to offer.

Do you want to know a secret? I started playing bass so I could get into a cool rock n roll band. I wanted to be in a rock n roll band so I could get girls. It was a simple business model and it worked, for the most part, but that scheme got me a lot of other valuable things that I didnít expect. For instance, I found out that I really like playing bass and after many years of performing, touring and recording I still like playing bass. Other bass players Iíve known gave it up and moved on to selling cars or writing film scores. I didnít, I still play bass.

I also discovered that I not only like playing rock n roll music but I like blues, country, jazz, soul and all of the different combinations creative minds can make out of these genres.

Truelove Sings
Truelove Sings Backup

To me there are few better experiences than being in front of an audience and watching them enjoy the music you are playing and talking with the crowd after the show. I love to travel, see new things and meet new people. There is a certain excitement about seeing the red record button light up and a deep feeling of satisfaction when a producer or a songwriter tells me that what I recorded was perfect for a track.

Let the music do the talking. I put together a collection of tunes that I recorded over the years and a video so that you can hear and see me in action since so far it's been all been a bunch of talk.

As you can probably figure out by the cool banner, the band is Coppersonic. This was a live performance taped for a cable television program. I'm the good looking one with the bass (fourth from left).

My Precision Magnolia
My Precision Magnolia
Slingin' the 12 Gauge
Slingin' the 12 Gauge

Its not just about chops. I think it is important that all professionals have the right tools. No one needs a surgeon who uses an Exacto knife. I love basses and I keep a well oiled collection so that I can achieve the right sound for just about any project. I even give my basses names like Magnolia, Cowboy and 12-Gauge. Whether you need a mellow upright tone, an aggressive growl or the rumble of a freight train, I have the right axe. And it doesnít matter if your gig is in the corner coffee shop or that sports complex on the highway, I come fully equipped with what the situation demands.