Blue Eyes Wander

Listen to Blue Eyes Wander


Your blue eyes caught me first they will always give you away
I can see trouble coming at me no matter what you say
Now I can't believe what I'm seeing is true
I can see something coming into focus but I'm not sure what I should do

So I'm watching your blue eyes wander
I seen him come in, you're pretending not to care
Watching your blue eyes wander
I know you're in love, he's standing over there

Maybe a pair of dark sunglasses and a reassuring smile
A little white lie will be all it takes to get me off the subject a while
But as soon as those glasses slide back in the case
I can someone getting closer, I can almost make out a face

Alright, I'm not trying to make you cry
Is that a tear or did you get someone caught in your eye?

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