Long Gone

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Long, long ago and so far away
Like a star burning out in the midnight Milky Way
A stranger with his thumb outstretched walking down Highway 10
I threw my things into the back, you smiled and I got in

Heaven knows a good man goes to heaven
While all of us sinners keep living on
I know you'll live happily ever after
Long after I'm long gone

We moved into your ranch house you kept outside of town
On weekends we'd get all dressed up and burn that city down
When I used up my stories and there was nothing left to know
You shed no tears when I volunteered to pack my things and go

Maybe there is a reason or a god up in the sky
Maybe one day I'll look that man in the mirror in the eye
Til then I'll keep on moving going from town to town
A stranger with his thumb outstretched tracking somebody down

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