Ann O'Dyne

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I'm underneath the east river bed
With dirty deals and water hanging above my head
You're underneath the California sky
Taking your best shot, giving it a try

Somewhere in the noise of the subway
I think I found the words to say
I'm saying, "Goodbye my sweet Ann O'Dyne"

I'm in a bar in Sunnyside Queens
Lately it's become one of my routines
You're probably working on a vineyard somewhere
Making all the wine that makes me not want to care

Somewhere in this glass I'm thinking
There's got to be a reason for my drinking
I'm drinking goodbye
My sweet Ann O'dyne

All I have to show for any of this are little holes
That once I filled with you
The wind blows through
But I've been filling them up again

There is a star way up in outer space
It comes out every night, you once showed me the place
You're probably showing someone else where it is
And now that star's no longer ours, that star is yours and his

Somewhere on a wish I'm calling
Up to a star that is falling
I'm wishing goodbye
My sweet Ann O'dyne

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