Dead Letter Office Hours

Listen to Dead Letter Office Hours


I was a fool to send a letter
No one writes them much today
But you weren't answering my phone calls
I have so much I have to say

All I can do is wonder
If I wrote the zip code right
I have to find me out some answers
So I can get some sleep at night

Can you point which way to go
Can you tell me if you know
The dead letter office hours

This whole thing is probably my fault
Most of the time it always is
There must be a form to fill out
In those lonely offices

Do you know if there's a wait
Am I early or am I too late
For the dead letter office hours

I've sent you letters and post cards
Seasons greetings, valentines
sometimes the truth is so hard
To read between the lines

Maybe I forgot the postage
Or the return address
First thing in the morning
I'll straighten out this awful mess

And then you'll know I still love you
Now if I only knew
The dead letter office hours

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