Listen to Spell


I take life day by day, there is no other way
Hours neatly in a row
But all days end the same; from the dark you call my name
Helpless, I will always go
To your light
I know itís wrong but it feels so right

Falling under your spell again
I thought the last time would be the last time
Falling under your spell again
I just can't ever say goodbye

I put my life on hold, same old, same old
Seems to be working out so far
Always on my mind, I will always find
You no matter where you are
I will do
Anything to be close to you

To it all, if I can't walk I know at least I can crawl
To your door
Iíve had enough but I just want more

Make me think and feel and this nothingness seem real
Blindly, I will always move
To your voice
I am always free to have no choice

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