Bloody Mary Morning

November 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

So much energy goes into creating music now that it is easy to forget how effortless it really can be.

I think muiscians everywhere should consider releasing collections of their sound checks.

African 12 Gauge Trance Music

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

My 12 Gauge

I love shotguns. Handguns are sexy, rifles, efficient but nothing says you mean business like a shotgun. Just the word alone has power. Go ahead, say it out loud and listen to those hard consonants and feel that dark aftertaste it leaves on your tongue.

I am not allowed to own a shotgun where I live. Even if I could possess such a thing it would fall into disuse here in the city. It would collect dust much like the balafons, ngonis, and djembes that have been collecting dust around your own house.

Instead, I have  bass guitars. Singers make the money, guitarists take the glory but bass players are the dark horse, we know a visceral secret. And we get the girls.

I have a 12 string bass who I call 12 Gauge. If it were to play in an ensemble with your dusty African instruments it would sound something like this bit of music by Nhoj Serya.

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