Music, Sweet Music

Truelove Studio Houston

When I am not busy writing words I can usually be found writing and recording music in Truelove Studio Houston. My work varies in style and scope but I am positive you will find something that will keep you entertained. I will endeavor to keep this page updated with new material as my muse allows.

Shine the CD

My last full length release title “Shine” is available at most of your favorite online music boutiques like Spotify and Napster. I could use the royalties so please visit, play, repeat.

If you are the type of audiophile who likes a hard copy, I can send you an actual CD. I will even autograph for you. Just drop me line.

Sorry the vinyl, cassettes or wax cylinders sold out a long time ago.


This sorta coming of age song is about roller coasters and the carefree days of youth, among other things.

Keys – the Video

Few enjoy being a beach bum more than John Truelove. If it were possible I would spend the rest of my life reclining under an umbrella with a cocktail that also has an umbrella or hanging out on the pier sipping a beer and yammering with the fishermen. My love for both seashore and creative loafing inspired me to write what I hope one day will be an anthem for slackers around the world. Enjoy Keys.

Keys – The Video

New Year, New Town

I left New York City about a year ago, 2021, and moved south to Houston, Texas. In the spirit of Bowie relocating to Berlin (for the climate, no doubt) I composed this instrumental titled New Year, New Town.

New Year, New Town